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The human experience is like a thousand petal lotus, layers upon layers, unfolding into the next iteration of self. The opening of each petal is an invitation into self-discovery and opportunity. The opportunity to heal the past and to move forward through personal growth and the exploration of our deepest desires and purpose.

It is my sincerest wish to walk beside you on this journey, to share the benefit of my own trials, to show you that you only need to climb the mountains not carry them, to support you, guide you, uplift you.


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After Marnie cleared the heavy energies I was able to look with compassion and understanding on some moments in my life where there had previously been deep sadness and anger.

Marnie is very intuitive. I easily felt a connection and understanding with her. I felt like she really understood me.
— Elizabeth, North Carolina
My favorite part about working with Marnie was her kindness, compassion and talent. I would recommend working with her to any one of my coaching clients. I believe it would enhance their progress towards their goals immensely.

I want people to understand the inner calm and peace that happens after a session. A new lightness is experienced.
— nicole, California
I would definitely recommend working with Marnie based on her professionalism, knowledge and kindness that I experienced. I felt very comfortable and safe with her.

She’s the real deal.
— karen, italy
I have been on a spiritual path all my life and have tried many different things. This has been the easiest and had the greatest results of anything I have experienced. Having Marnie do her healing work is the best gift you can give yourself.
— Pam, north carolina


About Me

MY NAME IS marnie

I am a wayshower, awakener, light leader, divinely guided intuitive healer, incarnate guide, transformational coach and mentor empowering you to go from your current situation to where you want to be.

Like most people, I have had my share of struggles and agonizing pain, been ripped open by betrayal, brought to my knees by cruelty and unjustness, experienced both mental and emotional abuse, suffered great loss and spent periods of time desperate with no hope or will. Looking back now I realize my entire life has been in preparation for the work I do now. As a healer I recognize these experiences gifted me with skills I could not gain any other way so that I could help people like you.

It is my mission to illuminate the path to where you want to go and empower you to make the journey.  I am grateful to have met and helped hundreds of beautiful souls on this journey and I absolutely love this work!

certifications & training

  • Certified Shamanic Practitioner

  • Certified Life Coach

  • Energy Medicine Certification

  • Reiki Master Certification

  • Meditation Certification

  • Mindfulness Certification

  • Ordained Minister in the Order of Melchizedek

  • Certified Akashic Record Reader

  • Certified Past Life Regressionist

  • Certified in Drisana, Huna, Rainbow Heart and crystal healing modalilties

  • Trained in Ama-Deus healing