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does this mountain of feelings look familiar to you?

We are in a time of awakening. As you open your eyes, the idea of life as usual becomes unbearable. The patterns of behavior that used to serve you no longer protect you, but rather keep you stuck in misery. Awakening brings an awareness, that even though your brain wants to place blame and responsibility outside yourself, the heart knows the way to peace and love and happiness is by going within. No one can make it better for you, there is no switch or magic potion. Healing and growth are inside jobs. If you know you are meant to be more than your limiting beliefs allow, if are done with life as usual, if you understand that the inside work is an opportunity to grow ...  

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional!


…It's time for a different approach. 

I am a wayshower, an awakener, a light leader and healer. My purpose is to guide and mentor seekers to break through barriers, self-imposed or inflicted; to remove energetic blocks that are keeping you stuck; to empower you with skills and knowledge to confidently move forward; to heal and grow and live your life’s purpose.

“Pain pushes until vision pulls.” - Michael Beckwith

If you are visioning a different life experience, let’s talk.

I have been on a spiritual path all my life and have tried many different things. This has been the easiest and had the greatest results of anything I have experienced. Having Marnie do a Spiritual Illumination is the best gift you can give yourself.
— Pam S.

Marnie provides professionalism in her sessions. She provides healing to individuals who are seeking change in their lives. Her compassion towards others and love for what she is doing to help others is visible when you talk to her and go through the process of the healing session.
— Cynthia M.
The results I got were unexpected; clarity of thought and an awareness that personal power that had been farmed out whether knowingly or unknowingly was returning to me in waves.

The goal of improving/rebooting my self-worth was more than met. I’ve gotten more grounded and focused and generally more content – which is more valuable to me than happiness. Happiness is ephemeral; contentment is not.
— Garrett G.