Actions Steps

Sep 1

actions steps

  • Purchase or find a notebook.

  • Join the FB group, read the rules and introduce yourself.

  • Visit the Dynamic Transformation Program website and get familiar with where everything is located.

  • Install Zoom on your computer and/or phone.

  • Install Voxer on your phone and connect with me.

  • Print and complete the Transformation Empowerment Tools prior to your first healing session.

  • Place the tools in your notebook for later reference.

  • If it feels right, journal about your observations and experiences with this week’s practices.

  • Post your questions on FB, in Voxer or write them on your one-on-one call form so we can address them.

  • Book your first healing session.

  • Book your first one-on-one call session.

  • Mark the Sept 22nd 8pm Zoom call on your calendar.

Sep 8

action steps

  • Continue working on your Transformation Tools and be sure to complete them before your healing session.

  • Do the guided meditation at least once and then some version of grounding everyday for 30 days.

  • Try journaling. Jot down your observations and experiences with the tools, the guided meditation and the journal prompt.

  • Book your first healing session. (September), if you haven't already.

  • Book your first coaching call (September), if you haven't already.

  • Take the Poll regarding Group Zoom calls on the FB Group.

  • Post any questions or comments in the FB group or Voxer me.

Sep 15

Action steps

  • Create a sacred space for this journey.

  • Add chakra feeding to your daily or weekly practice.

  • Complete your Transformation Tools, if you haven't already.

  • Print the Healing Session Form or make a page in your journal prior to your healing session.

  • If we haven’t spoken yet, prep for your upcoming coaching call. Use the One-on-one Call form or write your questions in your journal.

  • Continue journaling your observations and experiences if this feels right for you.

  • Mark your calendar for our first Zoom call.

  • Post any questions or comments in the FB group.