Keeping it real!

I would love to tell you all that I have been so busy detoxing that I simply float through my days clean and clear and perfectly fit, or that life has blessed me with an easy road, or that I spent my summer traveling the world.

However, that did not happen!

The fact is the last few months have been a challenge! I put my grandmother in assisted living then had to virtually gut her house to make it habitable, moved over the course of a month, worked on a lot of tough core issues like money and relationships, raised a 17yo daughter by myself and all while building a business.

Not everything went by the wayside however. I’ve taken advantage of some personal growth opportunities, enhanced my healing practice with new skills, and stuck with my natural beauty products commitment. I even found time to create a new piece of art called "Sanctuary."

"Sanctuary"   Prints now available in Lifestyle Products.

"Sanctuary" Prints now available in Lifestyle Products.

Olly Olly Toxin Free

Part II: The Shampoo Skinny

The transition to natural shampoos can be a difficult one for several reasons:

  • Most ingredients have to be bought in large quantities so the initial investment can be cost prohibitive.

  • Natural shampoos do not lather the way traditional store bought shampoos do. Of course, the lather has nothing to do with cleanliness, we are just conditioned to think that is how shampoo is supposed to be. (Hint: it’s the chemicals that make shampoo lather.

  • The main ingredients in the recipes I found do not work for all hair types. For example, if you have dyed or naturally curly hair the natural shampoo could make it feel oily or like cotton candy.

  • Taking the natural route can be daunting at first; research, finding recipes and ingredients, and a lot of trial and error

After trying a couple of recipes, I decided making my own shampoo, at least while my hair is still dyed, is not an option. But I didn't want to go back to store bought.

I was beginning to get desperate when the Universe smiled on me and delivered my Goddess Provisions box with a sample of Tree To Tub Soapberry Relaxing Lavender Shampoo! One try and I was hooked.

It’s organic, non-toxic, vegan, Fair-Trade, Cruelty Free, smells amazing and does a great job. I have even noticed other benefits like not having to wash my hair as often and no dryness. I use the shampoo and conditioner and will never go back to the bottled chemicals at the store.  

When I started this chemical free journey, I had grandiose ideas about being almost completely off the grid and spending my days making everything. It’s a lovely plan but turned out not to be practical for the way I live. What is important to me is to reduce the amount of artificial, chemical, and toxin laden products in my life to a bare minimum. If I do have to buy something rather than make it, I do my research about the company, the ingredients, etc. and I make a conscious choice.  

If you are in the market for a natural shampoo I highly recommend checking out Tree To Tub.

Next time on Olly Olly Toxin Free….Bye Bye Body Wash and Body Oil Forever.