The Reality of the Season and the Opportunity to Grow


This time of year, brings on a dichotomy of emotions ranging from excitement to depression. Regardless of your religious practices and beliefs or whether you participate in celebrations, chances are you are feeling the season!

The stress of shopping/spending/gifting along with close quarter family time and trying to make everyone happy is a lot of pressure to put on our energetic bodies! Even if you absolutely love the holidays, money is no object, and your family is a Rockwell painting chances are you still feel the weight of trying to make everything “perfect.”

I’ll spare you my soapbox rant of what this time of year is really supposed to be about and how consumerism is literally destroying us and jump right into how to, not only survive the holidays, but how to grow and thrive because of them.   

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First things first…..

Check your attitude and internal dialogue. If you think you will be stressed/tired/miserable you will be! Your body believes your thoughts and words and the Universe will mirror exactly what you send out. For example, if you say, “I always get sick at Christmas,” your body will oblige. Or if you say, “I dread the holidays because my family always fights,” the Universe will deliver a stage prepped for a drama.

I’m not promising if you wish hard enough that there will be nothing but peace and happiness. What I am saying is that if you stop the negative dialogues and focus your thoughts and words on what you do want you will begin to shift the energy for the better, eventually creating the experience you actually want.

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Second, stop and listen…

Turn your attention inward for a little self-reflection. For example, what is going on internally that you “need” to get sick? When did this cycle begin? What trauma or event happened? What do you gain from being ill? What needs your attention?

Sometime, during our evolution, we stopped being in touch with natural rhythms and cycles, not only within nature but, most importantly within ourselves. The ability to know what we need when we need it has been buried and we have become completely dependent on answers outside ourselves. 

If you are stressed, mentally fatigued, feeling down, or sick something is going on in your energy field that needs your attention. Figure it out and address it.


Lastly, take the opportunity to grow.

The Universe mirrors back what we send out, knowingly or unknowingly. Therefore, the environment you live and work in is a direct reflection of what you are putting out there; just as all the things you like/dislike about others are in some way the things you like/dislike about yourself. This is a hard concept to swallow, I know, but if you can get past the story of hurt and blame, see beyond the ego it becomes palatable.

During the holidays, we are often forced to spend time with those who trigger old stories and emotions. The hard truth is your feelings are about you, not about the one who triggers them. I say stare your shadows in the face and embrace this opportunity to grow. I promise this will be hard! Like running through a mine field hard, but this intense exposure to the dark parts of yourself can be just as explosively healing if you see it through.

The next time your sibling/parent/child/spouse/co-worker is pushing your buttons stop and evaluate where you are emotionally, mentally, and physically.  What is your state of mind? What story are you telling yourself? Why is this behavior bothering you? How are you feeling physically, emotionally? Is this situation triggering a past trauma or memory? Most importantly, what can you learn about yourself in this situation? The idea is to acknowledge and accept where you are in that moment, recognize what needs to be worked on, and self-lovingly move forward.

It is important to remember that life is a classroom. Every situation, every person, every moment is an opportunity to learn and grow. If the holidays are going to challenge you anyway you might as well take advantage of it!

Whatever your beliefs, however you celebrate this season .... I wish for you peace and love and happiness!