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I believe connection to others is vital to our healing, growth, and evolution. Connective Threads is my way to staying connected to you, my tribe. I will be sharing beautiful poems, musings, and art as well as news, events, and special offers too. This first edition is a musing about me and my current personal journey into.....

Ollie Ollie Toxin-Free

Part I

Over the last decade I have suffered various bouts with allergies, breathing difficulties, and health issues. I was diagnosed with allergy induced asthma and I am off the charts allergic to pretty much everything particularly airborne chemicals. The doctors' answers were to throw pharmaceuticals at the symptoms but never attempted to figure out the cause. It's funny to me that we blindly follow people who know nothing about our lives and rarely seek to understand the big picture.

Since I began my journey into Shamanic Healing I have learned first hand how integral and important treating the whole person is when seeking to correct health issues. I work on myself spiritually and emotionally through daily ritual and practice. This keeps my mind and spiritual body working positively to process emotional challenges and issues. However, my physical body was still ailing. I took measures years ago to eliminate chemical cleaners and reduce my use of artificial products but obviously that wasn't enough.  

I began looking into natural remedies for my symptoms such as aromatherapy and homeopathic medicines. I thought perhaps going back to the source of pharmaceuticals would work better than the chemically manufactured version. The more I learned the more I realized how polluted my daily life had become. 

The Barrel Analogy:

Imagine that your body is an empty barrel equipped to process and clean out the impurities you breathe, eat, or absorb through your skin. Now take a look at the ingredients in your toothpaste, face wash, moisturizer, shampoo, deodorant, etc. Add to that highly processed food full of additives or treated with chemicals, the pollution you breathe at work and on your drive, the products you use to clean with and even the chemicals used in making your clothing. The barrel is overflowing and can no longer process and clean out the toxins fast enough thereby causing physical illness.

Horrified by the realization that my idea of "clean" living was far from it I decided to make a huge change and go toxin and chemical free. If you have ever read the ingredients on everything in your environment you know this is not an easy task. So I have armed myself with some great resource and natural recipe books (which I will share with you here on Connective Threads), began stocking my shelves with natural and organic supplies, and have realistically given myself a year to accomplish the transition.  

In Part II I will share the first things I eliminated and the amazing benefits I've noticed so far!

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