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What have you been up to lately?


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Well, I’ve been doing my best to embrace “adventure” (my word for the year) by doing a bit of traveling, experiencing and trying things out of my comfort zone, training to become a certified Aromatherapist and embracing the creative energy of Spring among other things.

I’m currently working on several projects…

·       I am developing a line of essential oils blends to support the release and transformation of core issues like self-doubt, self-worth, anxiety, and limiting beliefs. Want a special blend made just for you? Email me to find out how.

·       I am creating a year-long mentorship program that will lovingly guide you to lasting transformation. Email me for find out more about this exciting new program.

·       I am also building a FaceBook group that will function as an online sanctuary to find accountability, kinship, support, to safely ask questions and generally be your go to source for creating the life you desire. If you are already receiving Connective Threads or have liked the Peace Of My Own Making FaceBook page you will be notified once the group opens. If you do not fall into either category, email me and let me know you want to be added.

I will be providing more details and information as these projects become available so stay tuned!


Spring is definitely in the air around here! In my part of the world we get yellow snow for a couple of weeks which can really upset the sinuses. One of my favorite natural preventatives is an essential oil blend I created called Goodnight Allergies! I diffuse the blend throughout the night which keeps my sinuses clear and my sleep peaceful. Check it out here!

***Special Request***

If you have worked with me but never got around to filling out my Feedback Form because it was a pain, I have great news! I have created a new very quick and easy survey you can fill out from any device. Please consider taking a few moments now to complete it and you will receive a 20% discount on your next healing session or any Lifestyle Product! Access the survey here.


I recently gave a Crystal, Minerals and Gemstones 101 Workshop and it was such a great experience that I am endeavoring to develop more natural healing based education programs and workshops. I'd love to hear what kinds of workshop and classes you find interesting. Simply comment (if you are on the blog or FB) or hit reply (if you received this through email) to share your thoughts.

Remember to take the opportunity everyday to do something YOU love that nourishes YOU!

In peace,