Ginormous Announcement!!

I am super excited to officially announce.....

I decided to announce the Dynamic Transformation Program a little early to give my Connective Threads community first shot at the limited space available.

As a living breathing human, you know first-hand that experiences, triumphs and challenges are all part of life. But there is no rule that says it can’t be done with grace and flow and ease!

And I'm going to teach you how!

The Dynamic Transformation Program is an online journey into Empowerment, Healing and Growth.

The program was born out of my deep desire to heal beautiful soul’s just like you! We will spend a transformational year together clearing the blocks and patterns that keep you stuck. Plus, I will empower you with knowledge and skills that enable you to grow and thrive long after the program has concluded.

Dynamic is defined as effective action and that is the basis of the work.

·       Illuminating your hidden parts for deeper self-awareness,

·       Healing the wounds and stories of the past so that you can move forward,

·       Nurturing your needs and desires,

·       Eliminating conflict with clear boundaries,

·       Tapping into and strengthening your intuition,

·       And consistently and authentically experiencing peace, calm and joy.

If you are ready to feel empowered, healed and poised for growth, the Dynamic Transformation Program is for you!

Still need more information? Like, why is this program different than others? Or, why occasional healing may not be enough?

The driving force behind the program’s creation is three-fold:

1.       The value of continual and consistent healing work is immeasurable. One-off healing sessions are without a doubt beneficial. However, the transformation that takes place with coaching, accountability and consistency is astounding!

2.       To give you the tools and the skills to use them. There is a lot of personal growth inspiration out there like “speak your truth,” “follow your intuition,” “have healthy boundaries” and even “breathe.” Powerful sentiments but without meaningful definitions and clear instructions they are merely trendy platitudes. I have created Empowerment Systems and Tools that not only explain what these mean, they teach you how to effectively use them; skills you will possess for the rest of your life.

3.       To share the benefit of my own challenges and lessons. With over 25 years of energetic healing training in traditions that span the globe and reach back through the centuries, you receive deep multilayered healing unlike any other. Plus, a lifetime of my own trial and error experiences means you find your way more quickly!

I understand. Committing to a year of healing is no small thing. But I’m betting if you are still reading, you are ready for something big, ready for a life-changing experience, ready to live the life you really want.

Still have questions?

Please feel free to reach out. I’m happy to chat one-on-one with you to answer any questions or concerns. Just shoot me an email