Healing Services

Body, Heart & Soul Alignment

The next level of healing is here!

Incorporating channeled quantum vibrational symbols with the tonal vibration of 528Hz and the sound vibration of quartz crystal singing bowls.

This session is designed to balance and align your physical body with the Earth, higher consciousness, the soul and the heart center. When you are in alignment, you are able to resonate at a higher frequency creating fertile ground for harmony.


The healing power of sound & vibration


According to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, 528 Hz is the love frequency, connecting your heart or soul to Nature, the only frequency to repair DNA to its perfect state, is associated with health and longevity, and brings transformation and increased energy.


Because the human body is mostly water and the bones contain a crystalline structure there is a natural synchronization between the sound produced by a crystal singing bowl and the body. When a bowl is played the sound resonates within the body activating particular systems, organs, and charkas producing countless healing effects.



Chakra Cleansing & Healing

Keeping the chakras cleansed and balanced promotes mental, emotional and physical well-being by maximizing the natural flow of energy in the body.

The way you eat, exercise, deal with your emotions, and support your intellect are imprinted on your energy body. Therefore, the health effects of your habits, beliefs, thoughts, fears, and desires may be found in your chakras.

When they are full or clogged they can no longer effectively process the energies you experience allowing unwanted mental, emotional and physical symptoms to manifest.

The goal of this chakra work is to clear (unblock), heal and balance your energy system to support vitality, health, and continued spiritual and intellectual growth.



  • Energetic Cleansing of the Chakras - this is a hands-off, intuitive, Divinely guided cleansing of heavy energy from the chakras using “fingers of light”

  • Energetic Healing of the Charkas - using all of the healing modalities at my disposal, I focus healing on any unbalanced or stagnant chakras

  • Chakra Vibrational Frequency Healing - the healing vibrations of specific frequency tuning forks are placed on each chakra to harmonize and bring them back into balance

  • Chakra Sound Frequency Healing - I use quartz crystal chakra singing bowls, bells and music frequencies which resonate with the body’s systems, organs and chakras to activate, balance and heal

  • Chakra Gemstone Healing - chakra appropriate gemstones are placed on each chakra during the session to draw needed energy back

  • Guided Visualization for Chakra Restoration - we will finish the session with a guided visualization to restore and rejuvenate the chakras


Grounding Session

The act of being grounded and/or the ability to ground are vital to your physical, emotional and mental well-being.

If you experience stress, anxiety, tension, absent mindedness, are easily distracted, find it difficult to complete things, or feel disconnected from your body or your environment these can all be symptoms of not being grounded.

This one-on-one grounding session restores balance to your energy body, creates calm and an overall sense of well-being, and encourages focus on the things that truly matter.


  • 4 Qi Gong based breathing practices

  • Passive, no impact yoga postures

  • Guided Grounding Meditation


Life Purpose Session

A Life Purpose Session reveals your...

  • gifts

  • soul's chosen destiny

  • healed state (a vision of what you and your life will look like once you have cleared all your magnets)

  • remaining work to be done to live your highest life’s purpose

There are many destinies available to you depending on the choices you make and where you are at this time with your personal healing. Discovering your most probable destiny at the moment will empower you to decide whether or not you want to continue on your current path and what you need to do to live your most desired purpose.

Then we will put together a Plan of Purpose so that you have doable steps to move forward.



Reiki Plus

In addition to being a Reiki Master, I also employ the healing energies of Ama-Deus, Drisana, Huna, Rainbow Heart, and Shamanism. Because all of these energies are intelligent they naturally, cohesively and automatically work together offering a more powerful and impactful healing session.  


Shamanic Illumination

Individuals may seek shamanic healing for many different maladies from physical to emotional to spiritual. Shifting your inner world energetically allows you to attract the outer world you desire.

Specifically, the Illumination Process heals in three ways: first, it eliminates the muck clinging to your chakras which strengthens your immune system's functionality; second, it destroys the toxic energy around destructive physical and emotional influences; and third, it scrubs the Luminous Energy Field clean. Shamans work on many levels of the soul and the Luminous Energy Field to clear unwanted patterns, assist one in shedding the past, stepping beyond fear, and mastering one's life.

We will tackle a Core Issue of your chosing, clear the blocks from your energetic field and your subconscious, and release unwanted ties to others. Followed by a Soul Retrieval to trace your block to its beginning in your soul’s history for clearing it and empowering you with the gift of its lesson.

Core Issues include:

Self-Worth, Trust, Abandonment, Fear of Failure/Success, Addictions, Judgement, Excessive Anger/Negativity/Worry/ Anxiety/Overwhelm, Blame, Comparison, Control,  Emotional/ Financial Scarcity, Attachment, PTSD, Self-Love, Forgiveness, Helplessness, Powerlessness, Self-Doubt, Loss, Rejection, Limiting Beliefs, Over-Thinking/Ruminating Thoughts, Co-Dependency, etc.


Trauma Cleanse & Ceremony

A Trauma Cleanse is intended to clean the energy field of individuals who have suffered a series of traumas, negative events, or tragedies.

Each Trauma Cleanse & Ceremony is created for your specific needs and includes a cleansing plus a Prayer Bundle Ceremony.

During the ceremony you will release all the emotions attached to your trauma by imbuing them into representational objects like hot peppers, licorice, and black salt. Placing these items in a counter-clockwise circle we will create an offering of release, the prayer bundle. Later I will offer the bundle to the fire so that the last remnants of the trauma may be released.

All materials are provided.


Other Offerings

Akashic Record Reading

Celebration Prayer Bundle

Crossing Over Ceremony

Past Life Regression

Property Cleanse

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