Life Purpose Session

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Life Purpose Session


A Life Purpose Session reveals your...

  • gifts

  • soul's chosen destiny

  • healed state (a vision of what you and your life will look like once you have cleared all your magnets)

  • remaining work to be done to live your highest life’s purpose

There are many destinies available to you depending on the choices you make and where you are at this time with your personal healing. Discovering your most probable destiny at the moment will empower you to decide whether or not you want to continue on your current path and what you need to do to live your most desired purpose.

A Life Purpose Session is for anyone who is on an active healing journey and has cleared or lessened many of their heavy issues. (see below for more information)

This can be performed in-person or long distance. 

Sessions run approximately 30 minutes.

Book your day and time HERE before or after check-out.

"I found the Life’s Purpose Session to bring clarity to certain life aspirations as well as a reinforcement of certain personal strengths. What has stayed with me the most is the message itself regarding my soul’s purpose and the connection to closely held ideas I had from my teenage years. That was the most fascinating moment for me and helped provide clarity for a potential driver for periods of restlessness that I experience periodically. Marnie is a great listener and I sensed she is also quite honest so you are getting her best effort during her session." - Stacy

What is my life purpose

Life’s Purpose Sessions is not limited to people who have reached a certain level of personal growth. However, those who have worked through and cleared most of their issues tend to be more successful because there are less blocks to reaching their highest destiny.

How do you know if you’re ready for a Life’s Purpose Session?

Take a look at the core issues listed below and ask yourself the following questions.

Core Issues:

Self-Worth, Trust, Abandonment, Fear of Failure/Success, Addictions, Judgement, Excessive Anger/Negativity/Worry/Anxiety/Overwhelm, Blame, Comparison, Control, Emotional/Financial Scarcity, Attachment, PTSD, Self-Love, Forgiveness, Helplessness, Powerlessness, Self-Doubt, Loss, Rejection, Limiting Beliefs, Over-Thinking/Ruminating Thoughts, Co-Dependency, etc.


  1. Have you cleared or mostly cleared the majority of your core issues?

  2. Do you experience little to no emotional charge when presented with a trigger?

  3. When you are triggered by a core issue are you able to work through it relatively quickly without lasting effects or major set-backs?

  4. Are you ready to release your remaining issues and patterns to live your highest destiny?

If you answered “yes” to all the questions you are ready.

If you answered "no" to any of the questions you may want to consider some Shamanic Healing Sessions to clear the energetic blocks holding you back. If you still want to proceed the choice is ultimately yours to make.