One-on-One Mentorship


One-on-One Mentorship

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Mentorship is defined as an intentional series of interactions between two or more people whose primary purpose is the growth and development of the mentee. Good mentorship catalyzes the mentees ability to define and mold their future and develop a strong sense of self and purpose.

As a Mentor it is my honor to be your:

·        Role model

·        Confidant to discuss work/life/personal issues and provide objective perspective

·        Molder of personal development by identifying opportunities for growth

·        Provider of focused work through empowerment systems and tools

·        Adviser on how to best navigate transitions and transformations

·        Facilitator of healing old stories, wounds and traumas.

·        Celebrator of your successes


The benefits of working with me are:

·        getting unstuck

·        opening doors

·        finding your purpose

·        unbiased guidance

·        a shift in perspective

·        focused growth and development

·        support to address doubts and fears you may not want to share with others


Mentorship is the first step on a beautiful journey to self-discovery, finding your purpose and becoming a fulfilled you.


Before you say “Yes!” ask yourself this:

·        “What am I looking for in a mentor?”

·        “Am I committed to doing the work required to heal and grow?”

·        “What are my expectations and goals for myself?”

·        “What are my expectations for my mentor?”

Now let’s set up a time to talk all this through and make sure we are a good match! Click the link below to access my calendar.


Types of Mentorships available:

One-Time Session

45 minutes; In-person, Video Conference or Call

This time is dedicated to providing you guidance for your specific needs. Whether you just need a sounding board from someone who won’t judge you or you are seeking answers to deep spiritual questions or anything in between, I will use all the tools in my healing toolbox to provide you focus, direction and meaning. You will receive an email with some questions prior to our session to help narrow down and focus our discussion to make the most of your time.


Three Session Package

Three 45 minute sessions; In-person, Video Conference or Call

The package is perfect if you have deeper questions or need a little more support. Our meetings can be weekly or spread out over a two to three-month period, whatever we determine will suit your needs and availability.


One Month Mentorship

Four weekly sessions; In-person, Video Conference or Call

An entire month dedicated to giving you guidance and direction with weekly meetings enhanced by Empowerment Systems and Tools that specifically address your needs. This mentorship allows you to tackle something significant with support. We will create a plan and work through it together. Renewable on a month to month basis.


One Year Mentorship

Year long mentorship plus the Dynamic Transformation Program in a customized One-on-One Format

All the benefits previously listed plus the Dynamic Transformation Program in a customized format with individual mentorship, healing sessions and calls. The year will flow based on your needs rather than the calendar. Plus, in my usual give more fashion, you will recieve loads of extras sprinkled throughout the year. Payment plans are available for the year long mentorship, contact me for details.

Book your day and time HERE before or after check-out.

Are you ready?

Type of Mentorship: