Shamanic Healing Session


Shamanic Healing Session

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Individuals may seek shamanic healing for many different maladies from physical to emotional to spiritual. Shifting your inner world energetically allows you to attract the outer world you desire.

Shamanism is a spiritual healing practice found in cultures around the world dating back 40,000 years and continuing up to the present day. 

Specifically, the Illumination Process heals in three ways: first, it eliminates the muck clinging to your chakras which strengthens your immune system's functionality; second, it destroys the toxic energy around destructive physical and emotional influences; and third, it scrubs the Luminous Energy Field clean. Shamans work on many levels of the soul and the Luminous Energy Field to clear unwanted patterns, assist one in shedding the past, stepping beyond fear, and mastering one's life.

Core Issues include:

Self-Worth, Trust, Abandonment, Fear of Failure/Success, Addictions, Judgement, Excessive Anger/Negativity/Worry/ Anxiety/Overwhelm, Blame, Comparison, Control,  Emotional/ Financial Scarcity, Attachment, PTSD, Self-Love, Forgiveness, Helplessness, Powerlessness, Self-Doubt, Loss, Rejection, Limiting Beliefs, Over-Thinking/Ruminating Thoughts, Co-Dependency, etc.

We will tackle a Core Issue of your chosing, clear the blocks from your energetic field and your subconscious, and release unwanted ties to others. Followed by a Soul Retrieval to trace your block to its beginning in your soul’s history for clearing it and empowering you with the gift of its lesson.

Shamanic healing should be part of a multidisciplinary approach used for any disease or imbalance, in partnership with physical healers, botanical medicines, changes in diet, and other therapies.

Shamanic Illuminations can be In-Person or Distance Sessions and are available individually or in a pack of three for a discount.

Sessions run approximately 90 minutes.

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Illuminate Me!