Keep Me Sleeping Aromatherapy


Keep Me Sleeping Aromatherapy

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I created Keep Me Sleeping Aromatherapy because of my own troubles sleeping. Between allergies, restlessness, hot flashes, and an overactive mind falling asleep and staying asleep was a nightly battle.

This special blend was carefully crafted to calm insomnia, anxiety, restlessness, tension, psychological stress, and even hot flashes! Available in full and sample sizes.

AROMA: gentle floral and citrus

GEMSTONES: Amethyst – relieves nightmares, anxiety, dream recall, insomnia, natural tranquilizer, calm mind; Black Tourmaline – relieves nightmares, geopathic/electromagnetic stress, and negative environmental influence; Hematite – insomnia removes excess energy, calm mind, peace, relaxes physical body

Keep Me Sleeping Essential Oil (EO) Blend

This powerful blend of seven 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils is suspended in organic jojoba oil with a drop of vitamin E and comes in a clear glass 10ml dropper bottle.

Add a few drops to an aromatherapy lamp or diffuser, a humidifier, a lamp ring, or even an unscented candle and start experiencing the restorative and restful sleep your body and mind deserve.

Keep Me Sleeping Essential Oil (EO) Spray

Keep Me Sleeping Spray contains seven 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils infused in a water and gemstone elixir and comes in a clear glass 1oz spray bottle.

Spray around the room or directly on your pillow and sheets.

Keep Me Sleeping Essential Oil (EO) Samples

Sample come in 2ml glass bottles. Available in EO Blend and EO Spray


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Peace of My Own Making Aromatherapy Blends was born out of a desire to make my life healthier and happier without the aid of chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Using the medicine Mother Nature provides naturally allows the body and mind to do the job they are intended to do without the negative impact of artificial ingredients. Switching to naturally derived “medicine” has virtually eliminated my allergies, difficulty sleeping, illnesses, and down days. If you are searching for an alternative way to a healthy life give my blends a try.

*Consult your health care professional before discontinuing prescribed medicine.

This is the aromatherapy humidifying diffuser I use everyday!

I have this car diffuser and love it!