Releasing Story Meditation

Releasing Story Meditation


I’m so happy you decided to give this guided meditation a try!

Soft music and soothing vocals, guide you through a beautiful and loving way to heal some old stories.

Meditation is approximately 15 minutes long.

If you are worried meditation isn’t your thing, I have a few words of encouragement for you….

  • Guided meditation is just that, guided. You do not have to empty your mind or worry about staying focused on the breath. You will be given descriptive imagery to imagine which can be seen in the minds eye, or just thought about.

  • Most of the work is about intention. So if you don’t “see” or have difficulty imagining scenarios, it’s okay. As long as you focus your intention, the work will be done.

  • Be gentle with yourself and allow your experience of meditation to unfold in whatever way is natural for you.

  • There are no rules here and I encourage you to leave any expectations behind.

  • Each time you experience a meditation it becomes easier and you open more and more to the healing being offered.

Once you receive the link, download the meditation and use it as often as you like. It’s yours forever.

Guide me!