"I wanted to sign up because I have felt like a lot of difficulties in my life were due to blocked energy and old stories. I have not really ever had extensive energy work done and I wanted to give it a try. I was a little nervous about it because I wasn’t sure what it would feel like during or how I might feel afterwards.

I immediately felt joy and relief. I have been able to look at myself and say my Mantras genuinely and I truly believe the words coming out of my mouth. So far, I have not been triggered by the usual suspects and that makes me feel strong. I feel worthy and loved and like a weight has been lifted.

I really enjoyed the soul retrieval portion and have been brought to happy tears multiple times since the healing session. I also really enjoyed how easy it was to talk to you before, during and after the healing. I never felt intimidated or confused. It felt so natural and safe. I felt supported and heard and cared for.

Marnie is so confident about what she is doing and so I felt completely safe sharing my story and allowing her to work with my energy. While I truly think the she is a magical and wise mystic shaman, she is also a real, down-to-earth woman who made me her friend from the moment she said, “hello.” She spoke to me in language that was easy to understand so that I felt connected to the experience even though I do not understand how she does it.

I could feel the change happening to me as the healing was taking place and the results were immediate. She has truly changed my life in areas that I thought might take years and years of therapy to even begin to work through."


North Carolina

"After Marnie cleared the heavy energies I was able to look with compassion and understanding on some moments in my life where there had previously been deep sadness and anger.

Marnie is very intuitive. I easily felt a connection and understanding with her. I felt like she really understood me."



"My only hesitation was that a distant session wouldn’t be as powerful as a face-to- face session. But I signed up anyway because I have been feeling the Shamanic energy calling me in different ways for some time. It’s been something that I know I am going to get to know better in my journey.

I feel more confident and I am not worrying how I am going to support myself in the future.

She was very easy to talk to and very clear in her explanations. I love the way she helped me to find my gift mantra. 

I felt very well after the session, very light and calm. 

Know that you will feel a strong energy and connection if you allow the process to happen. It is hard in the beginning but gets lighter in the end.

It is real and it works!"







"I was extremely hesitant to try energetic healing for many reasons; I never participated in such an experience before, I was concerned and hesitant to share something so personal with someone I didn't really know, and I didn't know if it would even work. 

I have a strong desire to let the past go and to nurture the part of me that has lived in fear, sadness and anger. I’m excited that I am now able to bring the benefits of my healing session to the canvas to help me work through it. Previously, avoidance was my preferred method of practice.

I felt lighter and more free afterward. I enjoyed Marnie’s kind and compassionate demeanor. She made me feel comfortable and safe. It was easier than I thought it would be to trust her with something so private.

Marnie was very professional and made me feel like I was in nurturing, capable hands. I am grateful to her for helping me to begin to unlock a core struggle that has haunted me for a lifetime."


North Carolina






"I was able to acknowledge hidden aspects of issues that had been stuffed over many years (since childhood) that carried itself through adulthood. When the issue is acknowledged, I can choose to shift my energies for the better.

When you have a deep seated issue that has been stuffed over the years, it’s hard to know exactly how or what you feel because it is such a normal part of your existence. Marnie helped dig up the muck so I could give it a name.

I would definitely recommend anyone work with Marnie! Whatever problems you would like to work on. It gives you a leg up on recognizing what your problems are with mantras to implant into your brain to help you live a happier life!

Read the questionnaire provided beforehand and really think about what you believe your core issue is. Realize that Marnie may bring more stuff to light that you didn’t think about. Have an open mind, relax & enjoy!

Marnie is AWESOME!"





I experienced a relaxed, flowing heart. My looping thoughts of fear have left. I have the thought, "Address it or not?" but it doesn’t loop endlessly.

My favorite part about working with Marnie was her kindness, compassion and talent. I would recommend working with her to anyone of my coaching clients. I believe it would enhance their progress towards their goals immensely. 

I want people to understand the inner calm and peace that happens after a session. A new lightness is experienced. 


North Carolina







I feel more solid, more centered, and less willing to put up with bullS#!+.

The results I got were unexpected; clarity of thought and an awareness that personal power that had been farmed out whether knowingly or unknowingly was returning to me in waves.

Marnie has a warm caring energy – so warm and caring that I felt the session had begun before it had started… that’s a bit Yogi Berra-ish, but I think you know what I mean….One felt reassured and cared for. Any concerns were addressed in a compassionate manner.

Well, the goal of improving/rebooting my self-worth was more than met. I’ve gotten more grounded and focused and generally more content. 

Marnie knows what she is doing and will take good care of you and whatever healing you need. You may trust her implicitly, as you are in VERY good hands.












The results that I received from this session were visual, experiential, and therapeutic. The visual for me was to see the items that would be used for the session and allowing me to pick out one of the items to be used on me. The experiential part was seeing the colors of the chakras especially the third eye and throat chakras. At a certain point, I felt energy in certain parts of my body. I kept my eyes closed through the whole process. It was therapeutic for me since the emotions that I addressed with Marnie the emotions and these emotions were affecting certain areas of my body (chakras).

My favorite part with working with Marnie is that she made feel comfortable with communicating my emotions. She is a good listener and answered my questions. The amazing part was sharing my experience of the session after she discussed with me the areas of my body that were healed.

This session allowed me to address an issue, which was the root of the problem. It opened up the ability for me acknowledge the issue, address it, and focus on bettering myself. Overall, it was a therapeutic and experiential experience.

I would highly recommend Marnie to others. I would recommend it to individuals who have had traumatic childhood. My own childhood was traumatic and I was a victim of sexual abuse. The Shamanic Illumination was extremely helpful and it allowed me to handle life in more of a relaxed manner. I felt so much peace and enlightenment after my session.

Marnie provides professionalism in her sessions. She provides healing to individuals who are seeking change in their lives. Her compassion towards others and love for what she is doing to help others is visible when you talk to her and go through the process of the healing session.





"I felt very, very relaxed and calm. Like my mind was softened and my thoughts lessened. I felt like my session was like a warm bath or soul massage. It felt gentle and yet powerful. I was keenly aware on the following day when I was triggered but did not go into fight or flight, I was like “huh, okay, now what do I do…” it was a very calm response. I also noticed that I was clear and more easily flowed with my intuition. 

I could feel her strength and skills, which made me confident in her ability to support me where I needed it most.

I’ve noticed magical connections happening and an opening from the clearing within my confidence around my work."

"I felt calmer, "lighter" and even a bit more "enlightened" shifts including constriction in my legs/hips, less headachy, less heaviness in general. I love that the work focus is on ILLUMINATION. It is a great word, concept and reality to partake in. 

She is will and able to help and treats the energy work with reverence and respect."

Amy Elizabeth








"I wanted a healing session to see if I could move past my energy blocks. I have become very aware of my energy and thought patterns. I was taken from a very high level of stressed and the healing completely took it away for me. It helped calm my fearful energy. I have not felt the panic since we cleared the energy. I was shocked to see it actually work…I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I was completely blind going into this. I have received very unexpected results. It’s like my head fog has lifted and I am thinking about things in a much clearer way. I feel at ease with the change that has arrived and I am excited to take it on!

Marnie is very Insightful, knowledgeable and explained things very clearly. I also really liked her calm energy. She is so good at reading the energy, balancing it, and can help you move through issues that are blocking you. I highly recommend her." 






"As a result of the healing session I found an affirmation that I feel is holding a lot of power for me. I say it frequently and it really reminds me of my place in this universe and my worthiness to receive. I have also found myself to be more outspoken and clear about my points of view. I am finding it’s more important for me to say how I’m feeling than to worry about being liked by everyone. That is very different for me.

I liked hearing about where Marnie found blocks and potential reasons that might be. This inspired me to look into the different chakras that are associated with my blocks. I found things I could become more aware of and plan on finding ways to do this.

It was a calming experience and Marnie was good at helping me feel understood. She also explained the process well. This is her sacred work and a very safe space."






"I don’t feel much different physically, but I feel an internal calm and I feel empowered with the knowledge I gained, like how some of my issues (chronic pain) can be relieved through this kind of work and also by sharing my negative stories with Marnie - loved hearing about how this process can help me rewire my neurological pathways so I can retrain my brain to think differently, in a way that will serve me better in achieving my goals.

I would definitely recommend working with Marnie based on her professionalism, knowledge and kindness that I experienced. I felt very comfortable and safe with her.

She’s the real deal."


"I found the destiny retrieval to bring clarity to certain life aspirations as well as a reinforcement of certain personal strengths.

What has stayed with me the most is the message itself regarding my soul’s purpose and the connection to closely held ideas I had from my teenage years. That was the most fascinating moment for me and helped provide clarity for a potential driver for periods of restlessness that I experience periodically.

Marnie is a great listener and I sensed she is also quite honest so you are getting her best effort during her session."